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Link coin, which has raised over $1.6m in seed funding, is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that uses the Kin blockchain technology.

The platform uses its own cryptocurrency chain, called Kincoin, as its main means of transferring funds.

Kincoin launched on September 1 and has raised $1,000,000 in seed investment.

Kincoins development team is led by Dr. Daniel Lee, a professor at the University of Sydney.

Dr. Lee has previously said Kincoin was designed to be a “simple, secure, and low-fee way to transfer value.”

Kincoin is currently in beta testing.

KinCoin will be released on the Ethereum blockchain, which can handle transactions faster than Bitcoin.

It will use the Kin network to transfer money.

Kin coins price has been trending higher and the team is working on scaling Kincoin to handle more transactions.

Kin coin is currently valued at $1 or $1USD.

The Kincoin team has not yet released a roadmap.

Kin’s main business is in developing and maintaining the Kin chain.

In addition to Kincoin’s launch, Kin is also looking into other cryptocurrency projects, including Bancor, a blockchain-based payment processor.

Kin is not currently listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, but is listed on Coinmarketcap.

Kin also recently raised another $100,000.

Kin has a team of more than 30 people working on Kincoin.

Kin, which is not yet available on the market, will launch its first product in 2018.

Kin Coin, the Kincoin blockchain-to the-coinchain platform, aims to provide a way for consumers to transfer funds between the Kin ecosystem and their own wallet.

The team said its Kincoin-based exchange, Kincoin Exchange, will allow users to transfer Kincoins between their Kincoin wallets.

KinCoins main goal is to help make it easy for consumers and businesses to store and use Kincoins value.

The exchange is scheduled to launch in early 2018.

A Kincoin developer has stated that the team has been working on the Kin coin platform since August 2017.

The cryptocurrency has seen its value rise over the last year, which prompted the Kin team to launch Kincoin as a “platform to transfer currency.”

Kincoins chief product officer, Dr. Jihong Li, has stated the company is aiming to provide Kincoin with “a long-term, scalable and secure way of transferring value,” according to a release from the company.

Dr Li said that Kincoin will be available for a variety of users, but that it would be a great asset for both businesses and consumers.

Kin and its platform will be compatible with the popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, as well as with Ethereum.

Kin was designed with two primary purposes: “To provide a decentralized, low-cost way to store, send, and receive Kincoins, and to enable an easier, faster, and cheaper way to transact.”

The Kin team has stated it plans to work on building Kincoin into a “peer-to to-peer platform for digital currencies,” according a statement from Kincoin Co-founder and CEO, Dr Jihung Li.

The partnership with the Kin Foundation was first announced in February 2018.

The foundation, which was created by the Kin community to fund development of Kincoin and other projects, is seeking $2m to fund its work.

Dr Lee and Dr Li have previously stated that Kincoins primary purpose is to “provide a decentralized and low cost way to save money.”

KinCoin and the Kin foundation plan to work together on Kin, according to the release.

The company also plans to open up its exchange to other cryptocurrency companies.

KinCOIN is currently listed for sale on the New York Stock Exchange, which allows buyers and sellers to trade Kincoins and other digital currencies.

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