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The Globe and Maitland will begin offering Oxt coins in the fall.

The company announced the change on Wednesday.

The coin is a cryptocurrency, a kind of digital token that can be exchanged for fiat currencies such as the Canadian dollar or other currencies.

The Globe said it is currently offering 10 Oxt tokens, which are equivalent to $1 each, but that it will eventually expand the offering.

The announcement comes as the company faces a number of challenges.

The digital currency is subject to significant market volatility, and the company is trying to get people to use it.

The news comes after the Globe reported in July that it was launching a new digital currency called Oxtcoin that will replace its Canadian dollar, a move that raised concerns about the value of the currency.

The paper also noted that OxtCoin is not a legal tender, and is therefore not considered a secure or secure investment.

“We’re trying to make sure people understand that OXT is a digital token, and that its a digital asset,” said Andrew Zalman, a Globe and Mateland spokesperson.

“It’s like any other cryptocurrency, and it’s not backed by any government, government bonds or any government securities.”

The Globe has been selling Oxtcoins since early last year.

The Canadian government has said it will begin selling OXTcoins later this year.

Zalmans comments about OxtCoins being an asset that is not backed up by a government were not immediately available.

The Ottawa-based company says it is not accepting applications for Oxt Coins.

“As a token, OXTCOIN does not meet the regulatory requirements of Canadian securities regulation, and therefore is not eligible for the Canadian securities regulatory exemption for OXT,” said a Globe spokesperson.

While Oxt is not considered legal tender by Canada, the Globe said that it is a safe investment and that it would not be investing in the cryptocurrency.

The Oxt Coin is the first coin launched by the company.

Zalsman did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The newspaper said that its announcement comes amid a global debate about cryptocurrencies.

The US is on the cusp of banning cryptocurrency, while Canada has also banned its use.

In March, Canada introduced new legislation that will allow companies to buy and sell cryptocurrency for their own use.

The new law allows individuals to invest up to $2,000 (U.S.) in Oxt and OXT coins through a new “cryptocurrency fund.”

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