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News articles on The Hindu: The Indian rupee is one of the most widely traded currencies in the world.

In India, the rupee, along with other Indian currencies, have also been the subject of recent controversies, with several prominent politicians accusing the country of manipulating the currency, which is worth between 2,000 and 2,500 rupees.

But a new crypto-currency that aims to disrupt this cycle by offering a more stable alternative to the rupees, called Atom, has gained traction and gained some traction in the past few months.

“This coin has gone through a significant amount of development and development has been driven by the community, and this is the first time the community has supported this coin,” said Pratik Dutt, CEO of the startup.

He also added that the team is working on other crypto-currencies in the future.

“We are working on various altcoins that are coming soon, we are also working on some other coins,” he said.

In an attempt to create a coin that is more stable and transparent, Dutt and his team have developed a new cryptocurrency called Atom.

The coin is designed to offer a stable and stable exchange rate, which can be verified with the help of a simple API, Dott said.

Atom has a premine, which he said will last until it reaches 100 million coins.

Dutt said the project will also work with other coins and projects, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have gained traction.

He said he is confident Atom will achieve its goal.

“This is the beginning of the journey,” he added.

The Atom team is also looking to expand into the other areas, Datt said.

“There is a lot of work that is being done in the crypto space,” he explained.

“I think Atom is a great example of this.”

The Atom coin has been created through the cooperation of the people of India.

Atom aims to offer users a stable currency, as well as a safe and transparent exchange rate.

The project has attracted support from several prominent people, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and members of the Supreme Court.

In November last year, the government announced it would create a new fund to support projects that are created or built using crypto-technology.

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