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Saudi Arabia has banned the release of a film by “the devil wears Prada” director Tariq Al-Hassan on the grounds that it promotes gender inequality.

The film, “The Devil’s Pride,” is scheduled to be released next month, but Al-Bayan daily newspaper on Saturday said the ruling will not be carried out in full due to a technical glitch.

It said the film, which stars “the actor” TariQ Al-Haq, had not been cleared by the Saudi Arabia’s Film and Television Institute (FTI).

Al-Bayani quoted an FFI official as saying that the film is “not allowed” to be screened in the kingdom, adding that “no censorship is acceptable.”

In February, Saudi Arabia banned “The Descendants” and “The Prince” from its theatres after the director, Anwar Awad, was charged with promoting “insulting Islam.”

Saudi Arabia’s censorship rules forbid films “that promote and encourage discrimination” and state that “discriminatory views and ideas will be severely punished”.

In October, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture issued a directive to remove “The Divine Secrets of Paradise” from cinemas in the country, and in January the government banned films “promoting violence, including terrorism, or spreading religious hatred.”

The decree came a day after Saudi Arabia passed a law banning “religious proselytizing”, which is defined as a “material or symbolic expression” that “promotes religion or its teachings”.

Last month, Saudi state media reported that Saudi Arabia had banned “Mamak,” a film that features a gay character.

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