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BNB, the world’s first blockchain company, is launching a coin that will allow people to send money around the world using the blockchain technology.

The coin is the first in the DragonChain ecosystem.

DragonChain uses a blockchain technology that allows people to trade cryptocurrency with one another using blockchain transactions.

The coin has been built on top of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

DragonChain, which is currently in beta testing, is aimed at merchants, but it could potentially have wider application.

According to BNB Co-Founder and CEO David Jardin, the Dragonchain coin will have a transaction fee of 0.3% and will be “unbanked.”

This will be in contrast to Bitcoin, which currently has a transaction rate of less than 0.1%.

Jardi explained that he believes the DragonBlockchain coin can be the first to work with a blockchain-based technology, something that has been lacking in recent years.BNB’s DragonChain coin is an open-source blockchain that uses the Dragon blockchain, a distributed ledger built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This means the Dragon chain is free of charge for all users, unlike other blockchains.

Users will be able to send and receive money from anywhere in the world, without any central authority or banks.

They will be allowed to send Bitcoin and Ether to each other, and send Bitcoin back to them with the Dragon Chain.

The Dragonchain community is set to launch a decentralized marketplace to allow merchants to sell goods and services using the Dragon blockchains in the near future.

Jardins goal is to bring DragonChain to the masses in the first half of 2020.

The company has raised $8.5 million from a number of investors, including Chinese Bitcoin company CIMBA, and Canadian investment firm Evercore Partners.

The BNB coin is available to download now for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices.

BNB has also started a BNB Token sale to raise funds to fund future development of the Dragon chains.

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