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Nano coin has become a hot topic after a tweet was posted by developer @votcoin.

In the tweet, the developer says, “If you’re one of those people who want to keep your coins safe but don’t want to worry about all the shady people out there, you might want to look into this crypto.

It’s a blockchain.

It has a lot of value, and it’s an easy way to make some quick money.”

The tweet was picked up by CoinMarketCap, and in response, the developers team created a blog post with some facts on the cryptocurrency.

The developer claims the blockchain is built on the idea of the blockchain being decentralized, and uses it to make it possible for the system to be used for more than just storing and transmitting data.

“It’s built on top of the idea that there is no central authority in a blockchain that can dictate what the data can and can’t be, so the whole system can be run autonomously, and that’s why it’s a cryptocurrency,” said developer Matthew Hochberg.

“There are people out here who think they can use this to control what the public sees and hears, and what the financial transactions are, but they can’t control it.”

The developer adds the technology can also be used to make the world a safer place, but he points out that this isn’t the case.

“The blockchain is designed to do one thing: it’s the only way to keep people honest.

So that’s one of the things that makes it really, really safe.

But you’re not going to see a single transaction where the buyer and seller don’t agree on how to spend the money.

If you think about how that works in the real world, it’s completely different.”

As for the cryptocurrency itself, the Nanocoin developers claim it’s been around for years, and they don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

“Nanocoin is a completely new kind of blockchain,” said Hochovig.

“It has no transaction fees, no fees at all, no mint fees, and everything you need to run it is free.”

“We have no control over the NN chain, so it doesn’t really have any value at all,” he added.

“The value of NN in the long term is not going down.

I think it’s going to be worth millions in the short term, but we don’t know when that is going to happen.

It might be a few years, it might be five years, or it might not be worth anything.”

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