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As stocks continue to decline, so does the market cap of hedge funds, according to an analysis by TheStreet.

While the average hedge fund has raised $1.5 billion in the last few years, TheStreet says that $1 billion is a conservative figure, considering that the total amount of assets owned by hedge funds has grown from less than $1 trillion in 2015 to $3.8 trillion today.

In fact, the average fund is the second-largest asset class in the S&P 500, according a 2017 analysis by Morningstar.

Hedge funds also have an advantage when it comes to the market: hedge funds are generally more liquid and have more options.

They’re also more willing to bet on a particular market or sector, and their investments tend to pay off.

In the past, hedge funds were typically funded by large investors, but this is changing.

Over the past two years, hedge fund fund managers have contributed $2.2 trillion to the S & P 500, TheStarts.

And hedge funds also dominate a growing segment of the market.

The fund world has undergone a dramatic shift.

Hedge fund managers are now largely investing in technology stocks and smaller tech companies, which are more expensive and have fewer earnings potential than their bigger peers.

Investors are also increasingly moving to the hedge fund industry, which can be expensive and often time consuming to manage.

The S&amps average return on investment for a 20-year hedge fund was 10.5%, compared to 8.9% for the S.&amp.


Investors also have more freedom when it came to picking the type of hedge fund they invest in, which allows for a greater degree of risk.

In 2017, the largest hedge fund managers were Vanguard, Fidelity and BlackRock, which together invested more than $9 trillion in the industry, according the Morningstar analysis.

Hedge Fund Industry in Depth Hedge fund investors tend to be highly disciplined.

The average hedge funds annual expenses were $10.3 million, and the average return for its portfolio was just 0.9%, according to TheStreet’s analysis.

That means that investors can expect to pay back their money much more quickly than a traditional mutual fund, and hedge fund funds can typically earn more in annual fees than most funds.

Hedge Funds are the Future of the Market The market for hedge funds is growing at a rapid rate, according with TheStreet research.

As the S and P 500 rise, so too do the hedge funds that make up the market, and these hedge funds have the ability to outperform their bigger brethren.

In 2021, the S-&amp index is expected to be up nearly 50% over where it was in 2020.

According to TheSparks index, the median hedge fund is up 40% over the past year, while the average funds performance is up 27%.

Investors are attracted to the ability of hedge firms to outperforming their bigger counterparts, and are willing to take on the risk of the company.

With the rise of hedge funding, the market has also seen a massive influx of new companies entering the market over the last two years.

According with the 2017 Index of Small and Mid Cap Hedge Funds, there were an estimated 8,000 hedge funds in the United States as of March 2021, up from just under 2,500 in 2017.

The number of hedge-funds is projected to increase to 25,000 by 2026.

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