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Nem x em is the new darling of cryptocurrency and it’s about to have its moment.

According to data compiled by Bitcoin Magazine, the new cryptocurrency is now worth $198,500.

That’s $200 million in just a matter of days, and it comes after it announced a significant increase in the number of transactions it’s able to handle.

With such a high valuation, Nemxem is in a position to be considered one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in history.

As of this writing, the company holds a market cap of $202.7 million, which is almost triple the $18.6 million value of Ethereum.

Nemxems valuation comes despite it only having two employees and is the result of its high valuation.

The company has raised $200.3 million in total funding, which makes it one of several cryptocurrencies to hit the $200M valuation mark.

It’s also worth mentioning that Nemxes valuation is due to the fact that it’s a “miner-backed coin,” meaning that it has a “monetary incentive to maintain a high level of hashrate,” which helps it to remain one of bitcoin’s most popular coins.

Nem Xem coin was born on January 12, 2017.

The coin was originally launched as a cryptocurrency that was created by Chinese internet giant Tencent, and its name was changed to Nemxeme after the Chinese government decided to shut down the company’s online services.

The Nemxemycoin website is currently live.

It currently has no fixed exchange rate, but it’s said to be stable at around $0.04.

NemXemcoin is the only cryptocurrency that can be mined on the Ethereum blockchain.

As such, the cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning it can be traded on any exchanges that offer Ethereum.

The cryptocurrency also has no premine, meaning that the supply of coins is limited.

The current supply is around 5,000 million NemxEmcoins, but the total coin supply could easily be as high as 1.5 billion.

With the current high price, the coin is currently trading at a low $0, but with the cryptocurrency’s market cap at $202 million, it’s easy to see how it could surpass that figure in the future.

It also comes as no surprise to learn that NemXems valuation is only a fraction of the total value of the coin.

The coins value is pegged at a very low level of $0 for the time being.

This means that if NemxEMcoins price is to rise, it will likely have to be traded at a higher price point, which will lead to a massive spike in demand for the coin, which could eventually drive the price to $200-$300.

The currency has a price-to-market ratio of 3.4:1, meaning a coin with a market capitalization of $200 is worth about $100 more than a coin that’s worth $20.

The latest data from the Bitcoin Magazine shows that the average transaction fee on the Nemxemed coin is 0.15 cents, meaning transactions cost around $5.

The average transaction size is roughly 300 Nemx, so the coins value at the moment is well worth the $20/coin trade.

With so many people holding Nemxenem, it seems that the coin could soon become the next big thing.

At the moment, it looks like NemXeme will be one of Ethereum’s most valuable currencies.

If it can stay around the $0 mark, it’ll likely become one of cryptocurrency’s most sought-after investments, with some even predicting it will be the most-played cryptocurrency in the world.

The next big cryptocurrency to make it to the $100M price mark is Monero, which has also made it onto the top of the cryptocurrency market cap charts.

The Monero network was created in 2015, and has an average transaction volume of roughly $100.

In 2017, the Monero community reached a new milestone, when it reached $1 billion in market cap.

Monero’s price is currently hovering around $6, but its market cap is now around $250 million.

At this point, Monero is expected to surpass Ethereum in terms of market capitalizations.

If Monero can stay in the $500M price range, it could become the most popular cryptocurrency in terms, as it could help propel its value even higher.

The price of Monero also continues to fluctuate wildly.

As the price of the currency continues to rise and fall, it can also fluctuate in other areas.

One such area is the volatility of the price, which can make it hard to gauge what Monero will ultimately be worth in the long run.

It could end up being worth $3,000,000 at some point, for example.

Another important thing to note about Monero at the current time is that its value is mostly dependent on the market cap it has.

The more users it has, the higher the value of

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