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DavorCoin (DV) is a blockchain based smart contract platform designed to be a trusted, global, decentralized currency and payment system for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Davor Coin was launched on May 3, 2017.

In this article, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of Davorcoin, which we will compare with other decentralized autonomous projects.

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Duceconomy DuceEconomy is a decentralized smart contract marketplace designed to provide liquidity for decentralized organizations (DOs) and other companies in the blockchain technology space.

The DuceEcosystem uses blockchain technology to enable the exchange of assets between decentralized autonomous companies (DAs) and the Duceeconomy platform, allowing users to create smart contracts on the DAs behalf.

Daseconomy uses the Blockchain as a mechanism for decentralized, autonomous organizations to build and expand their businesses.

The purpose of Duce eCommerce is to facilitate the transfer of money, goods, services, and other digital assets between DAs and Duce Economies, allowing for greater interoperability between the two.

DUCEconomy is an Ecosystem Platform and does not have an official listing, but there are some interesting examples of companies that are currently accepting applications to use the DUCAURY Ecosystem platform: Bittylicious,, and


Crypto-Ecosystem CryptoEcosystem is an ethereum-based blockchain platform that enables decentralized autonomous businesses to build their own blockchain-based applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

The CryptoEystem is designed to facilitate ethereum as a trusted platform for decentralized applications.

The goal of CryptoE is to create an ecosystem for decentralized self-service, decentralized autonomous operations.

The idea behind CryptoE’s platform is to provide an environment for entrepreneurs and developers to build applications and business applications on Ethereum blockchain without requiring access to the Ethereum network.

The ethereum blockchain, in turn, can provide applications to organizations that rely on the ethereum network, including those with established blockchain operations.


Decentralized Asset Exchange (DAEX) Decentalized asset exchange (DAX) is an Ethereum blockchain-enabled platform for asset exchange between a DAO and a third party.

DAX was launched in June 2017.

The DAX platform is designed for people and businesses to create, manage, and sell their own crypto-assets.

The platform enables users to easily exchange their own digital assets for crypto-currencies and tokens.

DAEX is an independent, decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace that has attracted hundreds of new users to the DAX token market, and DAX is one of the first token platforms to reach critical mass.

The decentralized DAX blockchain has attracted more than 5 million new users in less than two months.


Decred Decred is a decentralised blockchain based payment system that enables instant payments on the DAO network without the need for a middleman or middleman-like services.

Deced is designed specifically to make it easy for businesses and consumers to send, receive, and transfer payments to their customers.

Decud has become the standard for digital payments in the world of payments.

Decedd is a smart contract based payment network that is built on the blockchain.


Etherscan Etherscan is a digital asset and cryptocurrency analysis service that allows users to conduct research on digital assets.

EtherScan provides a comprehensive, searchable database of digital assets with over 100,000 verified listings, including cryptocurrency.


Ledger Ledger is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables third-party blockchain applications to exchange digital assets and currencies.

Ledgers are blockchain applications that run on the Internet that enable users to exchange their digital assets (e.g., Bitcoin, Ether, etc.) with other users, and to transfer funds between users.

Ledging is a new cryptocurrency that enables users and third parties to exchange value on a global basis.

Ledgger is an open source, distributed ledger technology and blockchain-agnostic platform.


Monero Monero is a privacy-enhancing cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote blockchain.

Moneroes privacy-preserving features include an address reuse, zero-knowledge proofs, and zero-confirmation transactions.

The Monero blockchain is designed from the ground up for privacy, which means the transaction is completely private.

Moners privacy-focused approach also means that it is highly resistant to replay attacks.


Monotraffic Monotrafers is a crowdsourcing platform that helps to identify and track cryptocurrency transactions.

MonOTraffic is designed as a decentralized marketplace for cryptocurrency transactions, allowing Monotransfers to track transactions and identify any possible fraud, which could then be

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