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What is vetcoin?

Vetcoin is a crypto-currency which is currently being traded on the platform of Vetcoin, a platform that has become the darling of many crypto-enthusiasts.

It is currently trading at about $30 USD, a value that has skyrocketed in the last few weeks.

This coin is the first of its kind to have an exchange, which allows for instant trading between the Vetcoin client and other crypto-currencies.

With a simple phone call to the Vetcoin developer, users can purchase the coins directly from the platform.

As of today, the Vetcoins are trading at a market cap of $1,094,067.

The price of Vetcoins is increasing exponentially as the market has seen an incredible surge in interest in crypto-assets.

The number of people looking to invest in Vetcoins has reached over a million, and this number will likely grow to as many as five million in the coming days.

Vetcoin was designed to be the most convenient, secure and convenient way for people to exchange their coins for real money.

This is a testament to how successful Vetcoin has been for both its developer and the community that has embraced the coin.

To help diversify the supply, the vetcoin developer recently created a separate platform called VetCoin, which will allow users to buy and sell coins with a mobile app.

The Vetcoin team says that this will allow for the exchange of tokens within Vetcoin as well as other crypto assets, as well.

As such, it has also announced plans to increase the amount of coins available through Vetcoin.

This will allow the platform to have a wider variety of coins than it currently does.

The developer also has a number of other initiatives in the works, including an extension of the platform’s trading platform to allow for additional trading options.

This also means that users will be able to easily trade for the digital tokens on the VetCoin platform.

With this, the development team is hoping that users in the community will continue to support the VetCoins platform and help the platform grow and grow.

As mentioned earlier, the project’s developers say that the goal of VetCoin is to create an easy way for the Vet community to earn money by exchanging their tokens for fiat currency.

The platform will be available for users to trade between any number of fiat currencies, and users will also be able set up their own exchange for easy exchange between fiat and crypto-denominated assets.

The company is also working to increase user and trader diversity.

The goal of the project is to give users a better understanding of the crypto world and encourage them to participate in the growing crypto-economy.

VetCoin developers have been working on the project for a few years, and are hoping that this platform will eventually become the next great place to find crypto-investment.

In fact, the developer stated in a recent interview with CoinDesk that he expects to see the VetCOins platform to grow to over 100 million users in 2017.

There are a few key reasons why this will happen.

The first is that it is extremely difficult to get fiat into Vetcoin due to the fact that Vetcoin users have to buy tokens in order to exchange them.

This has led to an even more restrictive and confusing trading environment.

This could potentially lead to more users wanting to take advantage of the currency as well, as they can be quite a bit more cautious with their money.

The second reason is that many of the most popular crypto-exchanges on the web do not allow fiat to be traded, making it difficult for investors to gain exposure to crypto-finance in the process.

For instance, Coinbase does not allow for fiat to trade on their platform, so it is much more difficult to obtain coins from these exchanges.

A third reason is the fact there are currently very few exchanges which are accepting Vetcoin on their platforms, and these have been largely based on the demand from investors.

The fourth reason is a bit of a catch-22: most of the exchanges have very limited liquidity.

For these reasons, many users are looking to use other platforms that do not require fiat to buy coins, and those are the exchanges that are currently accepting Vetcoins.

This means that it will be difficult for those who are already invested in Vetcoin to diversify their holdings, while also allowing them to make money with other assets.

However, there are other factors that could help diversification as well: The Vetcoins developers are optimistic that they will soon be able access and expand on the support that is currently provided by the Vet Coin community.

As the Vet Coins team states in the upcoming release of their app, they are planning on adding more features for the platform, which they plan to release soon.

The team is also currently looking to expand their user base with the upcoming Vetcoin Beta.

With the beta coming soon, there is an expectation that this app will be used by a large number of users to find new investments and get into the crypto-market.

Finally, the

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