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Today we’re looking at the price of the Xem Classic.

That’s because the cryptocurrency market is now worth more than $6,000.

A little over $5,000 was the price on Monday morning, and it has risen a bit more since then.

That means the price is currently over $12,000, or almost $200 a coin.

The XEM coins have now crossed the $6 billion mark, which is a massive milestone for the cryptocurrency space.

And it’s not just in Australia either.

The Chinese market is seeing a huge jump in value, with the XE Classic now trading at over $18,000 at press time.

What are the Xems worth?

The Xem coins are worth about $12.4 billion right now.

That includes the mining component, which adds up to more than a third of the total.

You can see that in the chart below, which shows the XEm value in real terms over the past month.

That mining component has seen a lot of investment, with more than 80% of all mining rigs on the market today.

That makes it the second-most valuable cryptocurrency by value.

The main difference between the two is the price that the Xes are trading at right now, compared to the $1,200 that they were trading at on Monday.

If you were to put a dollar amount on the Xer, it would be worth $1.27.

That would be about $1 a coin today.

If it went from $1 to $1 billion, it’d be worth around $2.4 million.

That puts the XES in a great position.

What about mining?

Mining is where the Xe coins are mined.

The coins are then traded by exchanges on the world’s exchanges.

That is where you can buy and sell XE.

For a bitcoin, you would buy a coin for a little over the $700 mark.

That price will likely rise further once the market settles.

The price of an Xem would go up a lot further.

The first coin to be mined is the XRP.

It was launched last year, and the price peaked at $547.

The current price is $632.50.

If the price rises further, it could be worth more, which could be a good thing for the Xero coin.

And if it goes up even more, it will likely go up to $2,500, which would be an impressive amount of money.

Are there any bad coins in the Xerex coin?

There are a few, but the ones that have made headlines are the Segwit2x, ETC-XE, and Xero-Xero.

Segwit is the fork that saw Segwit and Segwit 2x merged together.

They are the most popular coins on the planet.

They were created by Ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin.

It’s not clear what the price would have been if they weren’t merged.

ETC is an ERC20 token.

That lets you use Ethereum to run digital assets.

Ethereum Classic, meanwhile, is a completely different coin.

It does not have Segwit.

It also does not use ETC.

Eterna, on the other hand, is an ICO.

ICOs are a way of raising funds from the public.

These are usually coins that are meant to raise capital for their ICO.

They typically have a target price.

They’re also a way to test the viability of a project.

When Ethereum Classic launched, the price went up a great deal.

But if it hadn’t been merged, the new fork would have taken its place.

What does the future hold for ETC?

Ether, the cryptocurrency behind the ETC tokens, is still in its infancy.

But there are some signs that it could grow in the future.

Last week, the Ether team announced that they are going to be adding an ICO to ETC this year.

Ether is a digital asset that has been around since 2013.

It has been traded for the past several years and has a value of about $250.

That valuation is not far from what a regular coin like Bitcoin would be, but it’s only going to get better.

What do you think about the price spikes?

Is there any way you can see a bigger jump in the coming months?

Let us know in the comments.

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