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“Davor” is a new cryptocurrency that was developed in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The new coin, launched on April 1, is designed to provide investors with an easy-to-understand, secure and stable alternative to the existing crypto-currency marketplaces.

The “Davored” coin is created by a team of experts who have worked together for the past several years, with an eye towards developing a platform that is safe, scalable, and transparent, according to the company’s website.

The team includes three former NOAA employees, who have also worked for the agency.

The team plans to release its first product, a coin with a market cap of $50 million.

The Davored coin was originally developed to create a secure alternative to other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, that are already available on the market, CBS News correspondent Mike Levine reported.

The coin has been in development for several years and is intended to provide the same level of security and transparency as a traditional cryptocurrency, the company said.

It is expected to launch in the second half of 2019.

Davorcoin, which stands for Distinguished Coin, is a decentralized digital asset that was designed to replace traditional crypto-currencies, according the company.

It is designed for both investment and trading, with a stable and predictable exchange rate, and it is built on top of the CryptoCurrency platform, according its website.

The coin’s price is set by the network, which uses smart contracts to provide liquidity.

Davids coins is one of the first to utilize a blockchain, the open source software built to handle cryptocurrencies.

It allows the coin’s creators to store data in a decentralized manner.

It also allows for transaction transparency, with the coin automatically storing the coin balances on its own blockchain.

Davis, the founder of the company, said the Davored coins market cap was originally $100 million, but that has since dropped to $20 million.

Davored is being used as an investment and trade coin by both investors and traders, with more than a million users using the service, according a press release.

The company is also launching a new digital asset called Davorcoin Cash, which will be an alternative to Bitcoin Cash, the other cryptocurrency that has been widely adopted by the cryptocurrency community, CBS news reported.

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