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The news is here!

We are happy to announce the release of XemCoin!

Xem will be the next major crypto currency to join the NEO community.

We are pleased to announce this new addition to our community, as it brings together the brightest minds in the space with the most talented developers.

Xem has always been the leader of the NEO blockchain space, and with the addition of XEM to NEO, we are proud to be a part of the new ecosystem.

As always, the community is encouraged to join us on the main NEO forum at: .

For more information about the Xem coin release and our community on NEO, please check out the official Xem website.

NEO has been an amazing partner for our developers.

Our engineers have been developing our next generation blockchain technology, the XEM, in collaboration with some of the most trusted and experienced developers in the industry.

In addition, we have built the largest community of XE coins on NEO in years, and have been fortunate enough to be working closely with a number of the leading NEO developers, including Mark Chen, who has been instrumental in creating the NEO Core Team.

The NEO team has also been a great partner with the NEO Foundation.

NEO has been a significant source of support for NEO, and the community has been rewarded for their support.

In the coming months, NEO will be adding support for XEM in the NEO wallet, and will be working on many other exciting projects.

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