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The ‘New King of Cryptocurrency’ is emerging in the crypto-currency space, with BTS announcing its launch of the ‘Blockchain Gold’, a cryptocurrency with a strong blockchain and privacy features.

The BTS is an Indian-based blockchain technology company.

It has set up offices in India and Singapore and has been actively working on new products and services since early 2017.

BTS has launched a number of new products, including the ‘Gold Coin’ (BTS Gold) that is intended to provide a secure digital wallet for the users.

This is an exchange-traded cryptocurrency, meaning that its price is based on the value of the gold that is in the coin.

This digital wallet is not designed to be used for transactions or trading.

The company claims that its ‘Gold’ will be the first coin to provide privacy and privacy with no transactions or transactions being recorded in the blockchain.

It will also offer a secure, untraceable, and immutable ledger of all transactions.BTS said the ‘Bitcoin Gold’ (BTG) will also be launched in the future.

The company has set its goal to become the ‘global leader in digital currency’ with its focus on decentralised technology.

The Gold coin will be produced by BTS in collaboration with the company, according to the announcement.

The coin will use the BTS blockchain technology and will be manufactured in India.

It is expected to be available to the general public in 2019.

The announcement came a few days after BTS launched a bitcoin mining hardware unit in India, in what is seen as a significant milestone for the blockchain industry.

Bithumb’s India head Rahul Agarwal said in a press release that BTS will soon release an announcement about its plans to launch a Bitcoin Gold coin.

“The launch of BTS Gold will be followed by announcements about the development of the Bitcoin Gold project in the near future,” Agarwals statement said.

The blockchain is a distributed database of transactions.

The data in the system is stored on millions of computers around the world.

It can be used to verify identities, prove ownership of assets, and track payments.

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