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It’s not just that the global crypto-currency market is facing severe headwinds.

The global coin market is also facing severe, long-term headwind problems.

While the current boom in the crypto-economy has seen some huge gains for bitcoin, there’s a lot of question marks over whether these gains will translate into continued gains for the future of the crypto economy.

To be clear, we do not believe that there’s any “gold rush” happening.

Instead, the current coin market explosion is an important milestone for the crypto industry and the broader economy as we know it.

And as such, it’s critical to examine the long-range economic implications of the current crypto boom.

But the biggest issue facing the crypto sector is the lack of clarity on how to fund the massive influx of crypto assets into the market.

We’ve been seeing a lot more headlines in recent days about the lack, or even the absence, of clarity in the sector about how to pay for the massive amounts of money that will be needed to fuel this massive influx.

The big question that has been bouncing around is: Why is the crypto market so volatile?

And is it really possible to pay a reasonable amount of money to support this massive amount of assets?

To get a better idea of how volatile the crypto asset market really is, let’s break it down.

Why is Bitcoin so volatile ?

Bitcoin is the world’s most widely used digital currency.

It’s widely used to pay online and in person for goods and services.

The US dollar is by far the most widely traded digital currency, with over $600 trillion worth of bitcoin trades in circulation.

The currency has also been a key tool in the global financial system since its introduction in 2009.

In fact, it has become the world standard in finance and payments because of its simplicity.

But as the price of bitcoin continues to soar, it is also attracting new and bigger users.

With the cryptocurrency boom and price surge of the past few months, the amount of people that are now willing to spend money on cryptocurrencies is increasing exponentially.

And this influx of new users is increasing the price.

While it’s certainly possible to make a decent profit from a bitcoin investment, the main driver of this increase in demand is not the currency itself.

Instead of the currency being used for online payments, it may be used to purchase other goods and to store the money in physical cash.

This means that in addition to making the most of bitcoin’s potential for online and offline transactions, it can also be used as a tool for storing the money.

If you think about it, if bitcoin were simply a currency, the value of its value could be directly tied to the value in physical money.

It could be used for paying for online purchases.

Or it could be stored in physical form in a safe and secure vault.

But with the exponential growth of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, the underlying underlying technology behind the currency, called “bitcoin” is no longer a viable and stable medium of exchange for most of the world.

In other words, bitcoin is no more “real” money than cash is for the vast majority of the people in the world and there is no way that people can ever rely on it as a means of payment.

As a result, the global demand for bitcoin is increasing at a pace that is more than three times faster than what the underlying technology can handle.

Bitcoin is now valued at about $9,800 per bitcoin, and the average daily transaction volume of bitcoin has surpassed $300 billion.

As this growth is happening, the price is also increasing exponentially as well.

For example, during the first five months of 2017, the average price of the bitcoin that was exchanged daily in the cryptocurrency industry was $12,000.

But over the last month, the bitcoin price has skyrocketed to more than $1,000 per bitcoin.

It is now almost $6,400 per bitcoin and more than double what it was during the peak of the global bitcoin boom in June 2017.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency asset market is currently experiencing the largest price surge in history.

In 2017, bitcoin was valued at less than $100 per bitcoin at the start of the boom.

By the end of the first quarter of 2018, bitcoin’s value had increased to more like $1.2 trillion.

It would be a fair assumption to suggest that bitcoin’s current valuation is at least a few times higher than that of its peak in 2016.

And yet, the world is still reeling from the recent crash of the cryptocurrency bubble.

If bitcoin were to collapse right now, it would not only put enormous strain on the global economy, it could also send a massive shockwave of panic throughout the financial system.

While we know that the price volatility is due to the underlying crypto technology itself, it will be interesting to see how this volatility will affect the global economic and financial system in the coming months.

In the coming years, the crypto markets will likely

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