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A week ago, we wrote about Stellar, a blockchain project that was born in London and that is now being spun out in Washington D.C. It’s a project that will be powered by the Omni network and that has the potential to revolutionize how we access and store financial information.

But today, we have a good reason to celebrate: Stellar is officially launching.

Stellarcoin, the name of the company behind the project, announced the launch of a new coin, Stellar, on its website on Wednesday.

The news came as a surprise to many who had been following the progress of the coin.

StellarCoin will use the Omni protocol, which has been used by a variety of digital currencies, and it will be the first to use the standard protocol, called ERC20, for interoperability and payment.

This means that users of Stellar will be able to transact with the same Ripple token and Stellarcoin will have the same level of security.

Stellar’s founders, David and Adam White, explained the change to The Verge in an interview earlier this week.

“We decided to launch the token on a new platform and make it open source so anyone can build a Stellar wallet on their own,” said White.

“This way, everyone can contribute and help build the platform and the Stellar protocol.”

As the coin matures, the White brothers said they will be taking steps to make sure that the Omni platform is robust.

“The Omni protocol is one of the most secure blockchain protocols in existence,” said David White.

Stellar is a new way of building a financial network, and its developers will be focusing on its security and interoperability with other blockchain projects.

Stellar launched in July and has been undergoing rapid development since then.

At the time of this writing, the project is still in its infancy, with a $500,000 seed round, but it has already raised $25 million in the last 24 hours.

The company has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise additional funding for the Stellar network.

Stellar was launched on Aug. 25, but only recently did it make its way to the Omni Protocol standard, a protocol that will become the standard for Stellar in 2018.

This will allow users of the Omni Network to use Stellar in a variety the way that they would with other cryptocurrencies.

The team said the Omni token will not be a token of value, but will be used to create and store Stellarcoins.

In the meantime, the Omni project will continue to be managed by the Stellar team, which includes David White and Adam Whiteman.

The Omni project has already made significant progress, and the White Brothers plan to continue working on Stellar with a focus on scalability and security.

For now, the team has built the Stellar Protocol itself.

The Stellar protocol will be available for anyone to build on, and this will allow for interoperable Stellar wallets.

However, the two projects are still in a relatively early stage, and there is no firm date for when the Omni Foundation will begin issuing its first tokens.

The project is being developed by Stellar’s developers, with support from Ripple, a Ripple Foundation member.

The two projects also have a partnership with Coinbase, which is also working to create a standard for interoperably using Stellarcoin with other digital currencies.

The White Brothers said that this partnership is in the early stages and that the partnership will evolve over time.

For the time being, they said that Stellar is focused on building the Stellar blockchain for financial institutions.

The new token is designed to be a secure, private, and easy-to-use cryptocurrency that can be used for financial transactions.

It will be backed by a “stable, high-quality digital asset” that is pegged to a fiat currency, said White in an email.

It is expected that the coin will be traded on a number of exchanges in the coming weeks.

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