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Maticcoin is offering bitcoin payments to consumers.

The San Diego-based company announced on its website on Tuesday that it was adding bitcoin payments for purchases of the company’s popular CoinMatic coin, a reference to the digital currency.

CoinMatics are bitcoin-like digital wallets that allow users to pay for goods or services with their debit cards.

CoinMatic’s coin is already available on a number of exchanges.

CoinLink, which has been trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange since January 2017, will be adding bitcoin to its platform as well.

The company is not disclosing how many customers will be able to use the CoinLink bitcoin payments service.

CoinBase, which is based in San Francisco, is also adding bitcoin transactions to its service.

The bitcoin-backed payments will be available on its exchange, CoinStamp, and other major bitcoin exchanges.

The CoinMate app will also be accepting bitcoin payments.

CoinPay, the company that creates and manages the CoinMates service, has already begun accepting bitcoin-powered payments on the Coinbase platform.

CoinShare, which launched in October, will also allow bitcoin-related purchases through its website.

CoinShares will be accepting payment through CoinShare’s website starting January 15.

CoinCash, which was created in September 2018, will offer bitcoin-linked transactions for all its users.

CoinX, a startup that connects people to digital assets and payment processors, announced it would also begin accepting bitcoin transactions through its site.

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