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As the debate over the legitimacy of the alt-right grows, Coin Citadel founder and former alt-left operative Adam Green has some advice for people who find themselves being targeted by the movement.

Adam Green, a former alt left operative who was the primary spokesperson for the alt right movement, warns against the alt left, saying it’s the real alt left.

Adam, who joined the alt leftist movement in late 2016, said he believes that “they have a political agenda, a very real agenda, that is to destroy America.”

Adam told Vice News that he believes alt left people are using fake news to get ahead.

“They are really going to use the internet to create fake news and then they will try to create some kind of ‘reactionary’ backlash against the government,” Adam said.

“And that’s a tactic that I’ve seen a lot of.”

Adam believes the alt leavers are using the alt leftists’ false claims to push their own agenda.

Adam says that the alt Left is trying to push the false narrative that the government is “rigging the system” to benefit themselves.

“They’re trying to use false stories and their false information to create a backlash against our government,” he said.

Adam says that many alt leakers are “trying to undermine the legitimacy” of the president and the Republican Party.

Adam also said he’s concerned about the fake news that the Trump administration has been spreading.

He said that many of the fake articles have been from the altLeft and are not real.

“I think they are trying to take over the conversation,” he told Vice.

Adam said that he and other alt leaker advocates have begun to get more aggressive in trying to get stories on the internet pulled down.

“And we’ve started to get people that are actually trying to be responsible,” he added.

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