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A post shared by CoinLab (@coinlab) on Feb 26, 2018 15:40:30Kin is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform for crowd funding.

The platform allows anyone to crowdfund with cryptocurrency and will soon start accepting Bitcoin payments.

The first round of funding will be for 100,000 tokens.

The platform launched on March 18 and is expected to reach over 10 million users in 2019.

Its founders, Joris Lammers and Thomas Krieps, have built a reputation for doing things differently, with a unique focus on making a coin easy to use and to use quickly.

“If you look at the history of the world, the most successful things are the ones that are easy to understand and the ones where people can actually use them quickly,” Lammers said in an interview with CoinDesk.

“We think that’s what is missing in cryptocurrencies.”

The company recently announced its second round of crowdfunding.

This time, it’s for 100 million tokens, which it plans to release in 2018.

Lammers and Kriep have been actively raising funds to expand the platform’s network and grow the number of tokens it accepts.

The goal of this second round is to raise another 10 million tokens.

The tokens will be distributed as rewards to investors who have participated in the first round.

“We are very excited about this round of the crowdfunding, and the fact that it’s going to happen on a much larger scale,” Lams said.

“People who want to participate will be able to participate with their own funds.

We hope to see a much higher level of participation in this round.”

The first round was $10 million, with more than 2,000 investors contributing, but the funds raised have grown steadily over the past year, increasing to more than $2.5 million in April 2018.

Lammers explained that investors want to make sure they get their money back.

“I think that in many ways, the first funding that we raised really made the world feel a little bit better, as we raised the funds and we were able to take care of some things and the people that contributed were really really really excited about what we were doing,” he said.

The second round, which is still in the planning stage, will take place in 2019, but it will include 100 million of the new tokens, with the goal of doubling that number.

Lams is aiming for 10 million by 2020, though he doesn’t have an exact number on when that will happen.

“Our goal is to have 50 million tokens by 2020,” he added.

“I think we’re probably well on track to meet that target.”

The platform has a large user base, with roughly 2.5 billion users, according to the company’s website.

That number includes many of the biggest names in the crypto world, including Bitcoin’s top investors, including Peter Todd and Charlie Shrem.

The token has seen a steady stream of new users over the years.

Lums said that his goal is for Kin to continue to grow, and it’s important for him to focus on that growth.

“Kin is very important to us because it’s the future of money, and so we’re trying to take the biggest risks that we can,” he explained.

“It’s a very interesting project.

We have a lot of things to think about, and we’re going to see how it works out.”

Kin is also launching a new wallet, called KinWallet, that will be free to use.

The service will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies with other people using their Kin coins.

The new wallet is currently only available to new users, but Lammers told CoinDesk that it will eventually become a free service.

“It’s something that I think is really important,” he continued.

“You need to have a very clear sense of what you’re trading.”

The new wallet will be available to anyone with a Kincoin wallet.

Kin is already a popular cryptocurrency, with around 90 percent of users supporting the platform, according the company.

“When I started Kin I thought it would be a way to go beyond a cryptocurrency, and to get into things like money and things that people could use,” said Lammers.

“Now I see that Kin is really the next generation of cryptocurrencies.”

KinWallet will not be the only wallet the company will launch in the coming months.

It has partnered with Chain, a wallet that enables cross-border payments, and with Bitpay, a payment processor that will enable Kin to be used for online shopping and more.

The company said it has received a $100 million funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz and is in talks with other investors.

Lamps said that he thinks the company is going to be able for a long time to become a powerhouse in the cryptocurrency space.

“They are going to get really good traction, they’re going be very successful,” he concluded.

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