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eos, a new blockchain startup, is poised to be the next big thing in the crypto market.

The company has raised $10 million in its latest round, a $5.5 million round from Union Square Ventures and Blockchain Capital, a San Francisco-based startup.

eos is focused on developing a new version of the ethereum blockchain that is designed to make it easier for companies to accept payments and to build apps and applications that will be able to compete with the likes of PayPal.

The new eos project is called “eoscoin” and it aims to create a new platform for decentralized payment systems.

It is being developed with help from the Ethereum Foundation, the organization behind ethereum, which is headquartered in the U.S. The eoscoin team has already begun work on the new platform and it is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

The first version of eos will include the ability to accept and process payments in the blockchain.

It will also include a payment gateway and a blockchain payment platform.

euscoin is being created as a successor to eos which was originally designed to run on the bitcoin blockchain.

eoin is being built on the eos blockchain, which provides a public ledger for transactions, ethereum-based virtual machines (VM), and smart contracts, the company said.

This new eus coin is designed specifically to provide a secure and fast, secure platform for the eoin ecosystem, eusCoin said in a press release.

The project is currently in beta and will be open to the public, but the team has a plan to release it by the middle of 2018, eosCoin said.

ecoin also announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency, eoin, that is being designed to be a more efficient alternative to the bitcoin network, and that is also being developed on the blockchain, eoCoin said today.

eocoin has a product called eosin, which will be available for $5 a month for a one-time fee.

“eoin will be a better solution to pay for things that people can’t currently do with bitcoin, such as buying things with bitcoin,” eoCoins co-founder Alex Sosnowski said in the release.

ecoins current focus is on making payments with the new eoin.

eomos, another new blockchain company, has raised another $10.5 mln in the latest round.

This is the company’s third round in the past three years.

eomes team is also developing eos in partnership with ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin, who is listed as a co-investor on eos.

“The eos team is focused in developing eoin as a decentralized, fast, and secure payment system for eos,” eos said in its press release announcing the funding.

eoses current focus was on developing the eo coin platform for eo-currency payments, which it said is designed for people who need to pay with eos as a “last resort” payment option.

eoes next step is to develop a new payment gateway, which would allow eos users to use eos to send and receive payments without having to download and run an app or pay through a traditional bank account.

This will make eos a more secure and efficient alternative for payment processing, eoS said in an announcement.

The $5 mn raised by eos today will go towards a new project called eoSin, it added.

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