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A new name for NFC-powered wallets is gaining popularity.

Coinomi, an Android-based NFC wallet that allows users to tap and swipe on their phones’ home buttons, is gaining steam in recent weeks, and now has a new moniker.

The wallet has an impressive list of features, including NFC payments for Android phones, NFC-based card payments for iOS, and a payment API for third-party developers.

Users can tap and slide cards into their wallets using a new feature called “Coinopoints,” Coinomi’s CEO Matt Cavanaugh told Quartz.

A tap on the card will take the user to the Coinopoint app where they can swipe left or right to open a “Coinloop” option that lets them pay for a variety of items on the NFC-capable device.

In addition to making Coinomi easier to use for users who aren’t used to using a home button to swipe a card, Cavanaugh said Coinomi allows for a number of new features, such as card swiping to “recharge” your wallet.

For example, if you tap on a card with your right hand, the Coinomi app will send you the payment for that card using NFC.

You can tap the card again on the same spot on your left hand and the card can be paid with NFC.

The new Coinomi wallet also has a dedicated payment API that lets third-parties like Amazon, Google, and Facebook build NFC-to-payments apps for the Android platform.

The Coinomi team is currently working on adding NFC to its wallet for iOS.

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