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Coin prices in the United States and around the world have been rising in recent months as investors have flocked to cryptocurrencies.

This year is likely to be different, however, as the value of the two most popular coins in the market—bitcoin and ethereum—have risen sharply, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

In a market where interest in digital assets has surged, bitcoin is expected to have a market capitalization of more than $4 trillion by 2021, while ethereum has an estimated market capitalisation of just over $2 trillion.

In the US, bitcoin’s market cap is expected be close to $15 trillion, while ether has an expected market cap of just under $4 billion.

However, the two coins’ combined market cap in 2018 is expected at about $8 trillion.

A few years ago, there was a high price of bitcoin that peaked at more than 5,000 USD per coin, but that is no longer the case.

Since then, bitcoin has steadily gained in value and is now the most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap.

Ethereum has surged from around $200 in late 2018 to around $3,000 by the end of 2018.

Ethereum has also been on a meteoric rise.

As of the end September 2018, the price of ether was at $2,000.

Ether, along with bitcoin, has become the second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

That makes ethereum the top digital asset among both investors and consumers, according a recent CoinMarketcap study.

Etc is the second-most valuable digital asset behind bitcoin after bitcoin, according data from the CoinMarket, Inc. The CoinMarket report shows that ether is the third most valuable digital currency among investors and customers, behind bitcoin.

Eta is the fourth most valuable currency among both users and investors, according the Coin Market, Inc., and the second top-performing digital asset amongst both users (after bitcoin) and investors (behind bitcoin).

In 2018, ethereum had a market cap approaching $6 trillion, with a valuation of $2.9 trillion, according CoinMarket.

In 2018, bitcoin had a total market cap and valuation of around $15.4 trillion.

As a result of the rising valuations of the cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and eum have both been traded on exchanges and traded on various blockchain-based platforms.

A lot of investors are also buying ether on, an exchange platform that lets investors trade bitcoin and ether, according DataPoint. reported that investors have purchased ether in the form of bitcoin and bitcoin futures on the platform.

Ether has also seen a surge in popularity, as a result, it has seen a sharp increase in value.

The value of ether has also risen significantly this year.

According to data provided by DataPoint, Ethereum’s market capitalizations increased from just over 5,100 USD in the third quarter of 2018 to more than 11,300 USD in 2019.

In 2018 the total value of Ether increased from $0.2 billion to $2 billion.

Ether’s market caps increased from a little over $0 and $1 billion to over $3 billion and $4.2 trillion respectively.

In the US and around Europe, eum has been on an upward trajectory, rising from around 5,500 USD in early 2018 to about $2 million in 2019, while bitcoin’s price has been around $6,000 since the start of 2018, according Market Insight.

In Germany, the eum price has risen from around 7,000 to over 9,600 USD since early 2018.

According to data by CoinMarket Cap, eums market cap has risen to around 5.6 trillion dollars.

In China, etc is also a growing market and has seen an increase in its market capitalisations since 2017.

Its market capitalises have risen from just under 1 trillion USD in 2017 to nearly 6 trillion USD by the beginning of 2018 according to CoinMarket Capital.

In Europe, ether has risen since the beginning in 2019 from around 4,600 to over 6,000USD, according market data from Blockchain Capital.

It is currently trading around $2 per ether and $2-$4 per ether, respectively.

In China, the ether price is currently around 1.7 trillion USD, according Blockchain Capital, while in Germany, it is around 1 trillion euros.

DataPoint’s report also shows that Ethereum’s total market capitalised is around $5.4 billion and that eum’s marketcap is around 4.5 trillion dollars in 2018.

Eum’s total price is around 9.4 cents.

According CoinMarketMarket, eta’s market is estimated to be around $1.4billion in 2018 and is currently at $1,818.8.

The total marketcap of ethereum is $6.2billion.

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