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India’s biggest coin maker is considering a coin that might one day change the way we see the universe, even if it could also cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) is considering making a token for the moon landing called Verge, according to a report in CoinDesk.

The Verge coin will have an intrinsic value of 1.5 million dollars, which means that if it is made by a company, it will earn a return of more than 20% annually.

This means it could potentially have an average annual return of over 500%, according to the report.

The Verge coin would be issued in a new type of coin called a “Verge 2.0”, the report said.

This coin would feature a hologram, holographic images and an image of the moon, which is projected onto a surface.

The image would be printed on a holographic surface, creating a 3D effect on the surface.

This hologram effect would be accompanied by a “shaded” background, with the background image becoming transparent.

This hologram could also be used for the currency and can be turned on and off to alter its appearance.

This is the Verge 2.x token.

It is expected to launch in 2019.

Source: CoinDesk, Mint, Verge 2D coin, Verge2 token, Verge token, moon landing coin

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