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The Apollo 11 astronauts on board the lunar module pictured here at their launch in July 1969.

Photo: AP/AP The Apollo missions were the first missions to land men on the moon and return them safely to Earth.

The astronauts were all trained to do it by the United States Air Force.

“I remember it like it was yesterday, when I was a kid,” said astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, who spent two years working on the mission.

The men were supposed to launch into a 100-kilometer (62-mile) orbit around the moon on a rocket that could have taken them to the moon.

But the astronauts were told the mission was canceled by NASA because of the Apollo 11 disaster.

The lunar module, which was named the Apollo 7, would have had the astronauts on the Moon in a lunar module and a rover on board to help collect samples from the lunar surface.

“We were all very proud of that,” said Aldrin.

“There was a lot of excitement at that time.

And so, when the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket that carried the astronauts to the lunar base went down during a test flight in August 1969, they had to land in a new location. “

So we thought that was the end of it.”

And so, when the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket that carried the astronauts to the lunar base went down during a test flight in August 1969, they had to land in a new location.

They landed at Cape Kennedy, near the Kennedy Space Center.

“It was the last time I saw the Apollo astronauts,” said NASA engineer Jack Fritsch, who was working on that launch.

The Apollo 8 capsule, which took Aldrin and Buzz to the Moon, was not built for that mission.

It was a modified version of the original Apollo capsule, the Apollo 8.

The two astronauts in the Apollo capsule.

Photo by: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Handout The new Apollo 8 capsules, which were built at JPL-caltech in California, are the oldest surviving space capsule, having been launched in 1972.

They have the same launch system as the Apollo capsules.

And they have the exact same hardware as the original spacecraft, including a Lunar Module Command Module and Lunar Module Control Module.

The old Apollo 8 has three cameras and two radio antennas on the backside of the spacecraft, just like the old Apollo capsule has four.

“This new version has four, and they’re pretty much identical,” said JPL engineer Paul G. Miller, who designed the new Apollo capsules, including the Lunar Module and Command Module.

“You can really see the spacecraft design evolution.

They’re very different.”

The astronauts of Apollo 8, the oldest and smallest spacecraft to land humans on the lunar landings, have remained safely on the ground, awaiting the arrival of a new crew.

A capsule of the crew.

Photo credit: NASA A capsule with two astronauts, from left: Buzz Aldrin (second from left), Eugene Cernan, and Michael Collins, aboard the Apollo spacecraft.

Photo courtesy of NASA/NASA The astronauts in a capsule of their Apollo 7 crew.

(Photo credit: JPL/NASA) In addition to the Lunar module and Command module, NASA has also sent astronauts to Mars.

They were supposed be the first to visit the red planet, but that mission was cancelled in 1972 when the Apollo 9 astronauts fell ill.

NASA is trying to send a crew to the red planets of Mars and Jupiter, and it has developed plans to send two people to the Red Planet in 2020.

But NASA has already spent more than $2 billion on its manned missions to the outer planets.

In January, NASA announced it had received $2.6 billion in funding from Congress to develop a manned mission to the asteroid belt, but the plan has not been finalized.

“The agency has made significant progress in developing a manned crew transportation system,” the agency said in a statement.

“However, the agency has not yet determined whether it will be able to secure the necessary launch access funds.”

NASA also said the agency was still studying the feasibility of a human mission to Mars, but it was confident it could get there.

“NASA is optimistic that the next manned Mars mission will be accomplished in the 2030s, and will involve astronauts from the United Nations Space Program (UNSP) and the International Space Station (ISS),” NASA said.

“Based on the progress we have made, we believe that the crew will return safely to the surface of Mars, safely, and without human error.”

“A capsule of NASA’s Mars 2020 crew.

NASA/Bill Ingalls NASA said it will fly a crewed mission to Venus in 2020 to visit a sample from the surface, with a crew of five astronauts.

But it will also send a mission to another planet in the Kuiper Belt, where it wants to send humans in the 2020s.

NASA A spacecraft of a spacecraft of an orbital mission to an”

A spacecraft of NASAs Mars 2020 mission.

NASA A spacecraft of a spacecraft of an orbital mission to an

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