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A year ago, when news of the BlackCoin was first breaking, the price of a single Gobi was worth nearly $30.

Today, it is only worth around $2.50.

The BlackCoin has been gaining ground in the crypto-currency space as investors demand a coin with more coins than just the one coin.

GobiCoin, the newest coin from the Gobi Coin Consortium, has an ICO scheduled for May 15.

The project has raised more than $1 million in the last two weeks.

The BlackCoin’s price has increased by around 30 percent in the past month.

The cryptocurrency’s rise has been driven by demand for the coin’s digital asset, the Gb.

Coin, which is used to store digital tokens such as Bitcoins, Ether and other cryptocurrencies.

The GbCoin is the currency that can be used to buy the BlackCash, a cryptocurrency with no digital tokens, on a global level.

The Gobi is the first digital asset to have a decentralized network, with its network of miners controlled by users, according to the BlackChain project.

The protocol also enables a decentralized payment network, which has a large potential to be used for payments in areas like health care, education, entertainment, transportation and other sectors.

The coin’s development has been funded through a crowdsale of tokens that will be issued over the next few months, according a statement from the BlackCoins Consortium.

The token sale will include the BlackGobi, which will be the first of a series of tokens.

The price of the token will be set at $2 each.

The latest news on BlackCoin can be found on the BlackCells ICO blog.

Follow BlackCoin at Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

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